• 07 Feb
  • 2019

Tableau Server Architecture

ØTableau Server is comprised of several processes operating together. These may run concurrently, but typically all processes won’t be running all of the time. These include:

  1. Application Server (wgserver.exe)

  2. VizQL Server (vizqlserver.exe)

  3. Data Engine (tdeserver.exe, tdeserver64.exe)

  4. Backgrounder (backgrounder.exe)

  5. Data Server (dataserver.exe)

  6. Repository (postgres.exe)

ØThe application server handles requests to the web application such as searching, browsing, logging in, generating static images and managing subscriptions.

ØThe VizQL server handles the task of loading and rendering requested views.

ØThe data engine receives queries made to Tableau Data Extracts present on the server. These queries come from the VizQL processes.

ØTo service these queries, the Data Engine loads the Tableau Data Extracts into memory and returns the requested record set.

ØThe backgrounder runs maintenance tasks and data extract refreshes.

ØThe data server handles requests to Tableau Data Sources. These requests can come from the Tableau Server or from Tableau Desktop users.

ØThe repository is the Postgres database Tableau Server uses to store settings, metadata, usage statistics and workbooks.

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