Advanced Machine learning with R

Course Introduction:

This course is design to teach learners the basics of deep learning using R programming. This course will cover basic mathematics required for deep learning along with some application development using Artificial Neural Network and Convolution Neural Network.

Course Structure:

Week 1:

  1. Understanding  basics of deep learning and Introduction to neural networks:Neuron, Activation function, How neural network works? Gradient Decent, Backprapogation
  2. Installing keras and Tensorflow

Week 2:

  1. Data engineering and feature extraction for deep learning
  2. Simple application development using Artificial Neural Network in R

Week 3:                

  1. Basics of Convolution Neural network: Understanding KNN, Steps in KNN-Convolution operation, ReLU Layer, Pooling, Flattening, Softmax and Cross entropy.
  2. Simple application development using Convolution Neural Network in R.

Week 4:

  1. Project assignment based on deep learning in R.

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