Why take (MSBI) Training?

MSBI i.e. the Microsoft Business Intelligence is a collection of tools that gives us with solutions of Business Intelligence along with solutions on the problems of data mining. With the company of the Visual studio and SQL, it helps us in taking great decisions in our business activities. MSBI training-enables you to master MSBI tools like SSIS, SSRS and SSAS using SQL Server. This MSBI training will also help you clear the MCSE: Business Intelligence Certification. As part of this training, you will learn data integration, creation of reports, dashboards and cubes for faster reports generation.

Brief about topic

MSBI provides you with a complete suite to work around your BI needs/requirements. This tool provides you with easy plugins to develop your BI needs and can do powerful data mining activities. Basically MSBI is divided into 3 major components, as below:

  • SQL Server Integration Services – In short SSIS. This is the data integration part of the MSBI Suite. As all other data integration does, it provides you with all the ETL features wherein you can easily gather data from various source systems, transform your data using your business logic and finally load your data to you data warehouse or data mart.
  • SQL Server Analysis Services – This is the place where you receive the data from data marts/data warehouse to build cube. SSAS (in short) allows you to build multi-dimensional data models or CUBES to pre-calculate and store these data into a data for the end user to build analysis on top of it.
  • SQL Server Reporting Services – In Short SSRS is the reporting tool used to generate reports from the data calculated above. This is the reporting/dash boarding layer provided by Microsoft for developing reports from the analyzed data


Training Syllabus

  • Introduction to SQL,SQL operators,Working with SQL –Join, Tables, Variables and more.
  • Introduction to SSIS and Data warehouse.
  • Introduction to Dataflow and control flow.
  • Introduction to task and containers.
  • Using task and containers.
  • Introduction to transformations.
  • Using transformations.
  • Error handling in the SSIS.
  • Debugging techniques.
  • Deployment in SSIS.
  • Package Automation.
  • Introduction to SSRS.
  • Creating different types of reports.
  • Report Deployment.
  • Introduction to SSAS
  • Understand different storage modes like ROLAP, MOLAP and HOLAP
  • Working with Cubes.
  • Security in SSAS.
  • Cube Deployment.
  • Working with MDX


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  • Work on live projects for hands-on experience.

  • Many Modules , Online & Self-paced Learning With Experienced Trainers.

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