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Why take Python Data Science And Data Visualization Advanced Training?

Programming languages have been around for different ages, and every time realizes the launch of a new language sweeping developers off their ends. Python is considered as one of the most popular and in-demand programming language many companies. A most resent Stack Overflow survey showed that Python has taken over languages such as Java, C, C++ and has made its way to the top. This makes Python Data Science And Data Visualization Advanced one of the most sought-after programming certifications

Brief about topic

  1. Python Programming Used in Many Sectors are
  2. Python is used in DataSciencs
  3. Python is used in Big Data
  4. Python is used in Machine Learning
  5. Python is used in Data Analytics
  6. Python is used to Creating Dataset to analysis the data (Information)

Training Syllabus

  • Module-1-Introduction to Python Programming
  • Module-2-Implementation of Python Programming
  • Module-3-Conditional Constructs, Function
  • Module-4-Implementation of looping Process
  • Module-5-Implementation of String manipulations
  • Module-6-List and its Methods Implementations 
  • Module-7-Dictionary and its Methods Implementations
  • Module-8-Tuples and its Methods Implementations
  • Module-9-Function and Its Implementations
  • Module-10-Exception Handling Concepts and its Implementations
  • Module-11-DataPresistence Concepts(FileIOConcepts)
  • Module-12-OOPS Concepts and its Implementations
  • Module-13-Basic Collection Concepts and Implementations
  • Module-14-Introduction to Data Science
  • Module-15-WebScriping and its Implementation
  • Module-16-Introduction to Numpy and its Implementation
  • Module-17-Introduction to Pandas and its Implementation 
  • Module-18-Introduction to Matplotlib and its Implementation 
  • Module-19-Database Concepts and implementation
  • Module-20-Project Overviews and Implementations
    • Developing a Searching Process  to analysis quick informations  in web pages
    • SoftwareRequried:PythonShell,Pycharm,Anaconda

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