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Why take Tableau Training?

Tableau is by far one of the best business intelligence tools available in the market today. After completing Tableau reporting training course, you will able to better analyze your business and develop highly insightful information.

  • Global Business Intelligence and Analytics Market to Reach $16.9 Billion in 2016 – Gartner
  • Tableau is a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for BI for the fourth year - Gartner ? Average Tableau salaries are 77% higher than average for all other salaries. –

Tableau Training is provided by Real-Time Experts with real-time Case studies and scenarios. A tableau is an analytical tool for creating visual analytics.It is used to analyze the data and representing in the form of charts.There are Various kinds of charts within Tableau that helps to elaborate data that making it is easier for an end user to read the data in an understandable form.

What is Tableau?

Tableau’s products are used to transform large Data and Solve the Problems in a way that easily understandable to all people. TheTableau Course provides all the basic concepts about tableau Course, Everyone can understand the concepts even learner from the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level People also can understand the Tableau Concepts very effectively.

Objectives of the Course

  • Create Interactive dashboards
  • The necessity of reporting and analytics ETL
  • Understand the Tableau architecture and components
  • Gain knowledge of using R scripts in Tableau
  • Simplify and organize data with data connections

Who should go for this course

  • Graduates
  • Business Intelligence Professionals
  • Testing Professionals

Brief about topic

01.Introduction and Overview

  1. Why Tableau? Why Visualization?
  2. Level Setting – Terminology
  3. Getting Started – creating some powerful visualizations quickly
  4. The Tableau Product Line
  5. VizSQL concept of Tableau

02.Overview of Dimension Modeling

  1. Dimensions
  2. Facts
  3. Aggregates
  4. Slowly Changing Dimensions
  5. Overview of Star Schema & Snowflake Schema Design

03.Tableau Environment

  1. File types in Tableau
  2. Tableau Workspace
  3. Workbooks & Worksheets
  4. Creating Data Views

04.Data Sources

  1. Writing Custom Queries
  2. Editing of connections
  3. Joining Tables – Exploring different types of joins supported in Tableau

05.Creating Hierarchies

  1. Date Hierarchies
  2. Dimension Hierarchy
  3. Dynamic Hierarchy
  4. Hierarchy drill options

06.Creating Calculated Fields

  1. Writing Expressions
  2. Using built-in Functions
  3. i. Case
  4. ii. Char
  5. iii. Contains
  6. iv. Conditional Functions such as IIF, CountIF, etc.
  7. Special Tableau Functions such as Rank, Dense_Rank, Last, First, Runnig_Sum, etc.

07.Creating Parameters

  1. a. Simple parameters
  2. b. Cascaded Parameters
  3. c. Using Parameters in Calculations
  4. d. Parameter Controls


  1. a. Filter Actions
  2. b. Highlight Action
  3. c. URL Actions
  4. d. Running Actions
  5. 9. Pivoting with Data Source
  6. a. Comparing Tableau’s Pivot with Excel’s Pivot
  7. b. Exploring Column & Row properties of Pivot

09.Sorting Data

  1. Single Column sorting
  2. Multi Column Sorting
  3. Field or member sorting
  4. Computed Sorting

10.Filtering Data

11. Deep Dive of Calculations in Tableau

12. Creating totals & Sub totals

13. Custom Aggregations

14. Creating Sets

15. Creating Groups

16. Creating Bins

17. Data Blending

18. Creating charts

19. Formatting

20. Maps

21. Creating Dashboards

22. Creating Heat Maps

  • Instructor-led training and 24 hours of self-paced video

  • Access to E-learning with Training Material .

  • Learn Tableau 10 for Data Science step-by-step. Real-Life Data Analytics Exercises & Quizzes Included. Learn by doing!

  • Average salary of a Tableau professional is $100,000 ( )

  • Lifetime Access and 24/7 Support.

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Pinky Kale

Compared to the other short courses I have taken, this one completely redefined my scale from 1-10.

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The course was fast and friendly and easy to navigate.


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